Due to COVID-19, we are forced to suspend activities from March to April.

FormulaGT Experience VIP

The most exclusive driving experiences, with dedicated attention of our team and exclusive privileges for you and your people.

Ferrari 488 VIP
Power: 670 hp
Ferrari 458 Italia VIP
Power: 575 hp
Ferrari F430 Challenge VIP
Power: 520 hp
Lamborghini Huracan VIP
Power: 610 hp
Formula VIP
Power: 210 hp
Ferrari 458 Italia + Formula (VIP)
Power: 575 / 210 hp
Lamborghini Huracan + Formula (VIP)
Power: 610 / 210 ho
Ferrari 458 Italia + Lamborghini Huracan (VIP)
Power: 575 / 610 hp
Combo (VIP)
Power: Ferrari 458= 575hp | Formula= 210hp | L. Huracan= 610hp | Ferrari F430 Cha.= 520hp
Ferrari 488 + Lamborghini Huracan (VIP)
Power: 670 / 610 cv
Ferrari 488 + Formula + Huracan (VIP)
Power: 670 / 210 / 610 cv
An original gift, for lovers of motorsport and competition.

Our driving experiences are made at: Jarama Race (Madrid), Circuit de Catalunya (Montmeló, Barcelona), Ricardo Tormo Racetrack (Valencia), Los Arcos racetrack (Navarra), Monteblanco (Huelva), Kotarr (Burgos), Motorland (Teruel, Aragón), Circuit Calafat (Tarragona), Chiva racetrack (Valencia), Sevilla racetrack, FK1 racetrack (Valladolid), Can Padró racetrack (Barcelona), Brunete racetrack (Madrid) and at the Campillos racetrack (Málaga).

We have a fleet of more than 50 high-end GT vehicles. You can driving a Ferrari, driving a Lamborghini, driving a Porsche, driving a Formula, driving a Ferrari F430 GTS Racing and many more.

Drive your dream car in a racetrack with Formula GT Experience ®.

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