Formula GT was born by its passion for super cars and with a dream to make it possible that such an inaccessible world of luxury cars can reach the entire Spanish public.

At present Formula GT owns more than 26 luxury cars: Ferraris, lamborghinis, Porsches, Aston Martin and other models all equipped with shift paddles in order to guarantee an easier and more professional experience.

People from all over the national territory have already enjoy the ultimate experience with the super cars, the best once in our country. 

The program start with a discover lap on the circuit with a professional instructor who will let you know about the car and the circuit while giving you the best keys about how to tackle our track with the chosen car. 

In order to fulfill the dream of bringing these cars all over the country we offer you two types of circuits with different prices: The short ones, 2 km and the long ones, 4 km aprox.

SHORT CIRCUITS:                       

  • Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya (Trazado Nacional de 3,0 km)
  • Circuito del Jarama Race (Madrid - 3,8 km)
  • Circuito Ricardo Tormo de la Comunitat Valenciana (Cheste - 3,1 km)
  • Circuito de Navarra (Los Arcos - 3,9 km)


  • Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya (Trazado Escuela de 1,7 km)
  • Circuito de Can Padró (Barcelona - 2,2 km)
  • Circuito Brunete (Madrid - 1,6 km)
  • Circuito Motorland Escuela (Teruel - 1,7 km)
  • Circuito Monteblanco (Huelva 2,6 km)
  • Circuito Campillos (Málaga - 1,5 km)
  • Circuito Kotarr (Burgos - 1,8 km)
  • Circuito Internacional FK1 (Valladolid - 2,0 km)
  • Circuito de Chiva (Valencia - 1,7 km)
  • Circuito de Sevilla (1,7 km)
  • Circuit Calafat (Tarragona - 2,9 km)